Attacking in the Final Third

The June edition of the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine that is part of the Member Drills Database will have a session from Elmar Bolowich, Head Men’s Coach at Creighton University. He presented it during the 2013 Nebraska WORLD CLASS COACHING International Seminar. The focus is on attacking patterns to create goal scoring opportunities.

One pattern that Bolowich presents is Up – Back – Though.

Up – Back – Through
The midfielder plays to the forward who is checking back. The  ball is passed back to the midfielder. The wide players make forward runs and ball is played through to one of them. The run should be inside or outside depending on the position of the defenders.

The next ball is played to the opposite wide player.

Coaching Points
Timing of Runs
Off Ball Movement
Technical Execution

Here is a short video clip that shows part of the session.

Members can log in to the WORLD CLASS COACHING Training Center to see the rest of the session after June 1st.

Please leave your ideas for other combinations in the comments below.

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  1. farshad says:

    Yellow players can pass the ball to the player and two players in the middle of the defense as a pass deep in the ground or…..