Crossing and Finishing

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activities work on crossing and finishing.  There is a series of activities you can use in the DVD Winning Crossing & Finishing.

The field is 50 x 40 (the size can vary depending upon the level of the players) with goals on each end, a keeper in each goal, a server on each sideline and a line beside each goal.

The ball starts with one of the keepers and he throws the ball to one of the wide servers.

The first player in the line beside his goal sprints toward the other goal to receive an early serve for a first time shot

As soon as the shot it hit the keeper in that goal grabs a ball (or uses the same one if the ball was saved) and does the same thing in the opposite direction.

Next you can do the same thing but now have 2 runners.  Now the runners have to get organized for near post and far post runs.

You can also add a defender so the defender takes one of the runners and the server finds the other runner.

After doing this for awhile the next step is to play a small sided scrimmage on this same field but now, every time the keeper gets the ball he plays it wide and runs are made for the early serve.  You can also add the rule that whenever a team wins the ball they must play the ball wide within 3 touches and then runs and a serve is made (you would have a server from each team on each side).

This is a great way to work on keeper distribution, runs, crosses and finishes.

There is a series of activities you can use in the DVD Winning Crossing & Finishing.

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  1. Great drill – no doubt.

    Im just thinking about the distance the attacking player have to run to get to the ball.. Isnt it to far?

    But I like the drills and will def. use it!