Dealing With Crosses, Then Quick Distribution

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on dealing with crosses and then quick distribution.

The reason for today’s activity is to reinforce to the keeper that making a save or catching a cross is just the start of the play and NOT the end of the play.

Start with a server out wide on each side, a keeper in goal and 5 gates spread around the half of the field.

One server plays a ball in as a cross and the keeper comes out and catches the ball.

The opposite server than calls a number 1-5 and the keeper then throws (or rolls) the ball through the appropriate gate.

As soon as the ball is distributed the keeper resets and then takes a serve from the other side.

Really emphasize to the keeper the importance of distributing quickly and accurately

Have a great day!


One Comment

  1. John Cicchino says:

    We do a variation of this. We’ll call numbers in sequence – i.e if the cross comes from the keeper’s right side. I might call “3”, “3-4”, “3-4-5” or “3-4-5-1”; we want the keeper to look long first for a potential breakaway or 1v1. Then we want her looking to the week side where can probably release a player unmarked, and then finally, if those options are covered back to the strong side after the attacking team starts to recover where we typically find space.

    Love these articles!