Is the EPL Title Race Over With Already?

Today’s blog is a simple question.

After just five games, is the EPL title race over?  Are Chelsea a step ahead of the others – Man U, Arsenal, Man City, Spurs, etc.

Yes, I know it’s ridiculously early to even think about this, but I can’t help it.  Chelsea are producing some good performances and excellent results.  Five wins from five games.  21 goals scored and only one conceded.

Arsenal have conceded four goals and Man U seven.  Yes Man City have only conceded two goals, but they’ve only scored six.  None of them seem to be on the same planet as Chelsea.

I know in the past teams have started the season looking invincible and ended up faltering along the way.  Am I getting too far ahead asking if the title race is over, or can one of the contenders make a push?


  1. Mike says:

    It does certainly seem that way for Chelsea.
    But I think it’s still early days.
    They still have to play each of the top clubs twice before the season is over.
    And they’ll be busy with Champions League, Carling Cup, and FA Cup – all of these things can take a toll on their players as has been said before of Premier League competition.
    Obviously they have a lot of depth, so even if they lose a couple of scoring giants like Malouda or Drogba they still can produce results.
    But it could slow them down enough (or tire out other players replacing those injured) to make them vulnerable.
    It’s a long season still.

    I’m hoping Blackpool doesn’t get too down on itself – they’ve had to play some of the top teams early this season, but it’s been enjoyable to watch their fairly open attacking style of play.


  2. benjamin says:

    My sentiments too, it’s still very early in the season.

    and I don’t feel that they have played very strong teams.

    I agree wholeheartedly with what Mike has said. lots of competitions to pull out the depth of the team.
    But it can not be ignored that getting all these points early in the season will definitely help them in the long run of things.

  3. Kieran says:

    Chelsea have started brilliantly, of there can be no denying, BUT to say the league race is over is silly IMO.

    Chelsea are looking very strong but in regards to the teams they have played so far, they have had an easy start to the season compared to some of the other “big 4”.

    The teams Chelsea have played so far will all be close relegation, or at the very least in the 12-20 spots. IMO.

    The good thing about Chelsea is they are not dependant on one player for their goals and they are getting goals from all over the team.

    Drogba has started this season where he finished last season and it’s the same with Malouda. The Chelsea front three look VERY dangerous and with they way they interchange and all chip in with goals and assists there is no doubts Chelsea will be in the running for every competition they compete for this season.

    I think This title will be contested by Chelsea and Man Utd, although I do think Arsenal will have a say in things even if they are still a bit behind the other two in the race.

    I look forward to seeing it unfold either way!

  4. Dan Reasoner says:

    Maybe, maybe not. It’s amazing what injuries, transfers in January, and a full plate of Champions League can do to a team.