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Here is a list of books and videos ready to be released soon.

  • Book - Antonio Conte Tactics at Chelsea (released later this month)
  • Book - Mauricio Pochettino Tactics at Tottenham
  • Book - Modern Finishing
  • Book - Soccer Drills and Strategies
  • Video - Liverpool Defending Tactics
  • Video - Arsenal Style of Play
  • Video - Real Madrid Tactics
  • Video - Chelsea Defending Tactics
  • Video - Chelsea Possession Tactics
  • Video - Chelsea Attacking Tactics

So just to sum up, our Elite Membership gives you unlimited 24/7 access to 9,000 pages of drills and exercises, 600+ coaching videos, 8 NEW articles every week, plus all new books are included...you don't have buy a coaching book ever again.  And you can try it out with no commitment and ZERO RISK

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Abraham Makwarimba says February 20, 2017

I have found the drills that I have received as an elite member very useful. In fact they turned my sessions into very enjoyable ones for my players.
I now wish to receive my drills in video format.

    tommura@worldclasscoaching.com says February 20, 2017

    We’ll be adding new drills to the Video Library each month so check there for updates.

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