Online Coaching Seminars

I’m really exctited about our latest project of online coaching seminars. We have received lots of questions from coaches asking if we are doing our coaching seminar at Nebraska this year. The answer to that is “no”. Instead, we have decided to do a series of online coaching seminars.

Instead of assembling a group of clinicians together for a weekend seminar, we will have coaches/clinicians conduct a live “webinar” that anyone around the world can attend from the comfort of their own home and then view as often as they like afterwards.

We are planning on a series of online coaching seminars featuring well known coaches and authors of our books and videos. Look for these online coaching seminars to start in the Spring.

Also, we would like your input on what kind of topics you would like to see covered. Please click here to give your input and see what other coaches saying.


  1. Bud Roberts says:

    Defending in the 4-2-3-1 formation.

  2. paul buckland says:

    Would be interested in drills and conditioning.

  3. Modern warmups
    Periodization (High School season – limited off season, lot of games during season)

    Looking forward to it – you guys always put out the best quality!

  4. Othon Castillo says:

    –Building a zonal defense
    –Defending in the final 3rd
    –Building patterns of attack from small group to system

  5. Giuseppe says:

    I would prefer a seminar based on
    – Importance of Technical skills today, and how to use them effectively into a game
    – Understanding and planning the modern game. Analysing Barcelona’s game and Brazil’s game

  6. arnoldmurphy says:


  7. ARNOLD MURPHY says:

    Great idea would like to see more on fitness

  8. Duncan Ryan says:

    Anything on set plays, not a lot of quality out there on video or in print.

  9. Patrick Cunningham says:

    1.) Progression of training activities building up to a 4231 counter attack overloading the final third utilizing the left and right full backs
    2.) Advanced field switching activities via passing, long passes, crosses, etc
    3.) Various goalie distribution activities
    4.) Team and individual movement options for the 4231 midfield and the #10 forward when attacking i.e. diagonal, overlap, underlap, etc
    A discussion of the above topics assisting us on how we could better coach to improve this level of play would be of great interest…thx u for all your professional assitance to date…cheers

  10. Raj Narayan says:

    4-4-2 vs 4-3-3

  11. Giannis Tzouanakis says:

    I think is good to work also for academies
    U6-U8 U9-U11 U13-U15
    Drills for possesion-defending-attacking…

  12. Ouesso says:

    How to build a team on 4-3-3 offensive game ?

  13. Peter says:

    roles of deep lying midfield players and their positioning during the game

  14. Ouesso says:

    Conditioning with small sided games during a pre-season female soccer.

  15. Tom DeNigris says:

    Small-group progressive drills to teach defensive “Pressure-Cover-Balance”
    Attacking combinations

  16. Lozano,A says:

    Defensive transitioning after losing posession in a 4-2-3-1.

  17. RICHARD NONDE says:

    Kindly include in the clinics on modern goal keeper training.

  18. arnold says:

    great stuff guy some more about4231