Should we judge players based on their size or Speed

Should we judge players based on their size?  How about their speed?  What about their juggling ability.

One effective way to judge players is based on their TIC

  • Technique
  • Insight
  • Communication

A player can be in the right spot at the right time and know what to do but without the technical ability to execute, they wont be successful.  The ability to make the accurate pass, to receive the ball properly, to shoot on goal etc. is all dependent upon technical ability.

A player can have great technique but without the insight (tactical awareness) they will make bad decisions and lose the ball most of the time.

A player can have the technical ability and the insight to make the right decision but if they can’t communicate with their teammates, they will tend to be a “one man team”.  Communication can be verbal or non verbal but it’s an integral part of an individuals or teams success.

Too often we judge players on physical attributes when we really should be going out of our way to try to evaluate based on their TIC.

Watching FC Barcelona play (perform) is a great way to experience a team of players with wonderful TIC.

Just something to think about.



  1. Richard Edwards says:

    Players should be judged on their footballing ability only, some examples. Micheal Owen is only 5ft 8 inches and yet he was arguably one of Englands best strikers, Lionel Messi is only 5ft 7 inches and there is no need to talk about what he can/will do. Teddy Sheringham was never a fast player, yet his ability to read the game let him countiue playing until he was 42. David Beckham is another great example, yet again he had no real pace but because he worked hard on his technique he became an all time England great.

    People/Coaches should remember the old saying “Never judge a book by its cover”

  2. Bryan Mancill says:

    I myself, am 5’4″ (at least I’d like to think I’m that extra inch). During my playing days (youth-college) I have been told by teammates and opponents that I was one of the most technical players they have played with and against as well as a very astute player (which is why I hope to one day make a quality coach!)… BUT I was short and slow and at the next level when all else is equal if you lack a quality like this (or both) it is hard to compensate, unless you are very special.

    Do I think that we should judge players based solely on these two characteristics? Obviously not because we would be passing up on a lot of great players but yes, that should be a factor. Speed and physicality have begun to play a bigger role in today’s game (EPL and MLS as examples) so these two attributes have to hold some sort of weight.

    As an coach I use the TIPS acronym when looking at players T-technique I-insight P-physical S-special and look for players that fit this description. I tell the parents before hand (using myself as an example) that I will never write a player off for being short because I am sure I was written off for this reason at least a time or two (maybe not). I will pick players based off of this model and pick the best players.

  3. Tom says:

    I like the points brought in the article. I think we’re missing something here. Soccer is a sport of soccer ball masters not soldiers.

  4. bill howle says:

    size and speed matter alot. also overal athletecism and how quickly you pick up things matter. show me an inexpereinced player that learns fast is big and quick and they just have a higher ceiling than an undersized slow yet technical player.