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Fast Footwork Between Two Cones

I like to use fast footwork exercises and games at the beginning of the season to get the players focused on mastering possession of the ball individually. There’s no sense in working on passing drills and possession play if the players can’t control the ball well individually.

I’ve found that matching the players up in cone ‘gates’ about three yards wide is a great way to organize them. Working between two cones with a player on each side of the gate presents the picture of a defender even if that player is not allowed to tackle them. It also allows you to Continue reading ‘Fast Footwork Between Two Cones’ »

1 v 1 Continuous Game

I recently did a podcast episode on 1 v 1 Training For Every Situation on One of the games I use a lot is a continuous game. The players love it because it is fast paced and fun.

I like it because the players have to transition quickly between attack and defense. There is also an emphasis on quick attacking that I’ve seen transfer well into match situations.


The attacker must get the ball into the Continue reading ‘1 v 1 Continuous Game’ »

Training 1 v 1 Skills at Home

The summer months are a great time to recharge and take a break from formal training and playing but that doesn’t mean that players can’t work on improving their individual skills in their own time.

Legendary-1v1-Moves-vid-sidexside Continue reading ‘Training 1 v 1 Skills at Home’ »

Game Realistic 1 v 1’s

When many coaches create 1 v 1 environments for their team it’s limited to an attacker facing a defender who then tries to beat him to score. This certainly occurs during games but there are so many more scenarios that players need to learn how to deal with. This week I want to present ways to make the same old 1 v 1 exercise realistic to more scenerios that occur in a match.

A simple way to adjust the traditional 1 v 1 exercise is to change the position of the players and angle of the passes.


The angle gives the defender the opportunity to Continue reading ‘Game Realistic 1 v 1’s’ »

Combinations in Attack

These two activities that focus on attacking combination play are from a session contributed to the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine by Renato Lopes Moreira. A new edition of the magazine is available each month as a part of the Member Drills Database. The rest of this article can be found in the March 2014 issue.

1v1+2 Continue reading ‘Combinations in Attack’ »

The Art of the Duel

These 1 v 1 exercises are from our latest book by Tony Englund, ‘The Art of the Duel‘. Here’s what Anson Dorrance has to say about Englunds book:

‘I am thrilled to endorse Tony Englund’s new book on 1 v 1 play.  The game in the United States continues to evolve at an astounding pace.  American coaches now have easy access to coaching methodology and training curriculum that is world class in every sense, and our players are increasingly Continue reading ‘The Art of the Duel’ »

November Magazine Preview

Each month we add a new magazine update to the Member Drills Database. The magazine contains training sessions, videos and articles presented by top teams and coaches from around the world.

Here’s part of a training session presented by Chelsea FC Academy coach Chris Woodword. The session focuses on 1 v 1, 2 v 1 and 2 v 2 situations that lead to a zonal game. Continue reading ‘November Magazine Preview’ »

The Importance of Teaching Individual Defending

I think coaches spend a lot more time teaching offensive skills and techniques than they do teaching young players how do defend individually and in small groups. The attacking techniques of dribbling, passing and shooting are easy to create training sessions around and they are definitely the sexier skills of the game. But teaching a young player to defend a 1 v 1 effectively is vital to their development as a player.

This point was driven home to me last weekend as my teams played their first games of the new season. We had worked on all of the attacking skills but spent no time learning how to defend correctly. There are so many topics to cover that you just can’t do it all in two weeks of training sessions before the first game. So this week Continue reading ‘The Importance of Teaching Individual Defending’ »

Which Fakes to Teach Young Players

I’m in favor of teaching young players to be very comfortable and confident with the ball by teaching them different fakes . During the initial learning phase I want the players to use them every time they get the ball. Some coaches have told me that you can’t teach creativity but I think you give them the tools and then teach them how to use them. This can look a bit rough at first as the kids get comfortable with the fakes but if they use them enough they learn when to use a move and when to choose another option.

There are so many different fakes you can teach that an important question becomes Continue reading ‘Which Fakes to Teach Young Players’ »

1v1 Attacking and Defending

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on 1 v 1 attacking and defending as well as goalkeeping.  A great deal of emphasis should be put on the individual defending in this game as it’s a part of the game that is frequently neglected.  To learn more about how to do this please check out the DVD Coaching Individual Defending: Attitude and Technique.

Start with 2 goals 30 yards apart with a keeper in each goal. There should be a group of players with balls near the right post of each goal.

The first player on the black team starts by dribbling out at full speed and Continue reading ‘1v1 Attacking and Defending’ »