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Three Line Shooting

I usually end each session with a shooting exercise that incorporates aspects of the practice theme. One of the formats I often us is a simple three line set-up. I like this because you can do a wide variety of things from these basic starting position. The players are comfortable because we use this set-up often but I can make adjustments to place the emphasis where I want it.

I started using this as a regular part of my practices after Continue reading ‘Three Line Shooting’ »

Attacking in the Final Third

The June edition of the WORLD CLASS COACHING magazine that is part of the Member Drills Database will have a session from Elmar Bolowich, Head Men’s Coach at Creighton University. He presented it during the 2013 Nebraska WORLD CLASS COACHING International Seminar. The focus is on Continue reading ‘Attacking in the Final Third’ »

Progressive Finishing Game

As the year progresses I like to add more functional activities to replace purely technical exercises. Not only do the players enjoy activities that are game related more I’ve also seen a greater transfer of training when I use them.

I prefer drills, exercises and games that are progressive; moving from low pressure to full pressure. They allow the player to have initial success but then be challenged by the ever increase pressure of Continue reading ‘Progressive Finishing Game’ »

Finishing from Volleys and Headers

I’ve always had a standing challenge to my teams (U13 and below), if they score a headed goal, I buy ice cream for the next practice. It’s been a way to encourage the players to try and score with their head if they can. This has been most successful with the girls teams I have coached. The extra incentive has become something that the team rallies around.

After spending a few weeks working on our combination play to score we played very well in our next games. Two of our three goals came from combinations in the middle of the field.

Another area that I’ve wanted to address Continue reading ‘Finishing from Volleys and Headers’ »

Shooting Drills Competition Winner

It was difficult to choose a winner in our recent shooting drills competition because we received so many good entries. In the end we picked this exercise from Dennis Hillyard of New York. We were looking for drills that were easy to understand, used equipment all coaches have access to, provided a lot of repetitions for the players, were scalable to larger and smaller numbers and provided progressions that could be used as the players develop. This exercise meets all of those criteria.

Shooting Competition – First Time Shooting
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Crossing and Finishing

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activities work on crossing and finishing.  There is a series of activities you can use in the DVD Winning Crossing & Finishing.

The field is 50 x 40 (the size can vary depending upon the level of the players) with goals on each end, a keeper in each goal, a server on each sideline and a line beside each goal.

The ball starts with one of the keepers and he throws the ball to one of the wide servers.

The first player in the line beside his goal sprints toward the other goal to receive an early serve for a first time shot

As soon as the shot it hit the keeper in that goal grabs a ball (or uses the same one if the ball was saved) and does the same thing in the opposite direction.

Next you can do the same thing but now have 2 runners.  Now the runners have to get organized for near post and far post runs.

You can also add a defender so the defender takes one of the runners and the server finds the other runner.

After doing this for awhile the next step is to play a small sided scrimmage on this same field but now, every time the keeper gets the ball he plays it wide and runs are made for the early serve.  You can also add the rule that whenever a team wins the ball they must play the ball wide within 3 touches and then runs and a serve is made (you would have a server from each team on each side).

This is a great way to work on keeper distribution, runs, crosses and finishes.

There is a series of activities you can use in the DVD Winning Crossing & Finishing.

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Finishing With Combination Play – First Step

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is the first step in working on finishing with combination play.

Start with groups of 3’s spread out 30 yards from goal.  Each player has a ball.  A keeper is in goal.

Player 1 starts by dribbling toward the top of the 18, making a move and Continue reading ‘Finishing With Combination Play – First Step’ »

Finishing In a Competitive Environment

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s activity involves finishing in a competitive environment.

Start with a 30 x 30 grid with two full sized goals and a keeper in each goal.  It’s 2 v 2 in the middle and in each attacking half there is a player on each sideline and a player on each part of the end line

In the diagram above the black team is attacking the top goal and the yellow team is Continue reading ‘Finishing In a Competitive Environment’ »

Crossing and Finishing

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on crossing and finishing.  There are many variations you can do with this activity.  To learn more, check out the DVD Tactics & Drills For Flank Play.

Start with 2 goals 25 yards apart.  There is a keeper in each goal and a server with balls behind each goal.  There are 3 sets of 2 attacking players to the side of each goal and 1 player out wide on each end line.  Use as much width as you can.

One server starts by playing the ball out wide.  The wide player has one touch to receive the Continue reading ‘Crossing and Finishing’ »

Shooting from Central Areas in a 4-3-3

I’ve written about my teams transition to playing a 4-3-3 in previous posts. The process has been going really well. I’ve been very pleased with how we are defending with the system. This was a concern for me because I could see how we were going to be able to deal with the other team’s wide players. The girls have done well sharing this responsibility between the winger, attacking midfielders and wing backs.

We’ve been able to create a lot of offense using the wingers and wing backs getting forward. The player we haven’t used much is our center forward. The spaces in the middle have been so congested that it’s been easier to get the ball wide and attack from there.

This week I want to work on attacking combinations in the middle of the field. We have a number of good resources for this type of session. An article in the September Magazine Update to our Member Drills Database includes a great session from Jan Pruijn of Ajax International. The session was originally presented at the Nebraska WORLD CLASS COACHING International Coaching Seminar held last February in Lincoln, NE.

Another great resource is Player’s Roles in the 4-3-3. One of the two books focuses on Continue reading ‘Shooting from Central Areas in a 4-3-3’ »