The Special One

Okay, it’s only another Champions League title (can it be described that way?), but my opinion of Jose Mourinho have sky rocketed after Inter won the Champions League this weekend.

The “Special One” can certainly be described that way now.  Let’s look at some reasons why.

He has generated success with three different clubs, winning the Champions League with Porto and now Inter and the EPL twice with Chelsea.

He won the Champions League with Porto, who really cannot be described as being one of top European clubs.

He is only the third coach to win the Champions League (or European Cup) with two different teams.

He has had success with a smaller club like Porto and has matched or exceeded expectations at big clubs like Chelsea and Inter.

And here’s the thing, if he does go to Real Madrid, I fully expect he will win the league and likely the Champions League there as well.

In an earlier blog, I asked who was the better manager, Ferguson, Mourinho or Wenger.  I would now have to vote for Jose.  What about you?


  1. Hugh Clements-Jewery says:

    I think it all depends on your definition of ‘better’. Is the better coach the one who has won the most championships/cups in the most places, or is it the coach who has improved a squad of players the most? By analogy, are the best teachers those at the high profile expensive schools and colleges which take in and churn out the brightest students, or teachers that actually lead less bright students to learn and apply useful information at lesser profile schools?
    Mourhino is undoubtedly an extremely successful coach, but I think I might plump with Ferguson or Wenger here, both of whom took their clubs to the next level when they took over. One could make a case for Roy Hodgson, or possibly Ian Holloway with Blackpool, who have also done this with their respective clubs this season.

  2. JPolito says:

    Mourinho has always bothered me with his lack of respect (of other teams, fans, leagues), his self-infatuation, his cry baby attitude (always blames bad referring or some other factor when he loses), his mind games, etc…Being a Serie A fan, I’ve really hated him this past year, but I have to begrudgingly give him a lot of respect for winning the CL, and the treble. In order to win the CL, he had to beat arguably the 2 best teams in the world (Chelsea and Barcelona), and one perennial power house (Bayern). You can’t do that all on luck alone.

    Now Inter only barely won the Coppa Italia and Scudetto, which is really quite remarkable, when Roma essentially had a 0 transfer season (and got an Inter reject on loan, Burdisso), while Inter started with a deep bench and importantly a solid defense of Samuel, Zanetti, Cambiasso, Maicon,J. Cesar…and then added over the season the likes of Thiago Motta, Sneijder, Eto’o, Pandev, Milito, Lucio. So I could argue that Inter should have done a lot better in the league.

    The other knock I have against Mourinho, is that he doesn’t stay with a team, 2 years at Porto, 3 at Chelsea, maybe 1 at Inter? One should also note that even at “small” club like Porto, they were still very successful right before Mourinho, and then of course, with Chelsea and Inter he was also starting with great teams. Still it takes something “special” to truly focus a great team, and keep the discipline to win the silverware.

    Nevertheless, I still give Mourinho a lot of credit for playing good tactics, instilling a lot of discipline into his players (Eto’o playing defense?) and outwitting his also tactically gifted opponents: Ancelotti, Van Gaal, Pep.

    Personally, I give Wenger the nod, for identifying and developing young talent, working on a relatively small budget, longevity and success.

  3. Steve says:

    I go with Wenger, because he has been at Arsenal long enough to have had an impact on their developmental system and to continually keep that team successful with a deep bench of home-grown players and smart acquisitions, despite the lack of a Chelsea-level budget.