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#86587 - 05/28/12 09:43 PM College bound Seniors....from what clubs?
T Okera Offline

Registered: 07/19/11
Posts: 105
Is there a list or topic on here that discusses how many D1, D2, JuCo, etc. girls and boys players are from what clubs? Just wanted to know what the clubs are "currently" producing, and if smaller clubs are putting out scholarship worthy players and if those players are playing national leagues or playing lower divisions.

#86596 - 05/29/12 07:53 AM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: T Okera]
spectator Offline

Registered: 05/31/10
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All of Randall Porter's U-18 team is playing college soccer except 1 player who was 1st team all state and has chosen not to play in college. 3 are playing at Jewell, D-2. Not sure about the rest.

#86608 - 05/29/12 12:02 PM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: spectator]
southtown Offline

Registered: 04/05/07
Posts: 194
I need more than, "they are all going to college." There is a big difference between William Jewell and say, a Rockhurst who was a top 25 team. Nothing against Jewell, but the difference in quality between the two last year was quite significant. So how many of Randel's players are going to top 25 four year programs at any level? I think that would be a good barometer of the job he is doing, or any club/coach.

#86615 - 05/29/12 02:17 PM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: southtown]
Tired Offline

Registered: 05/26/05
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It is even more than making a highly ranked squad. What matters is the opportunity provided to the player, and that is going to be difficult to research. As a parent you need to do your due diligence, ask questions of the club, coach and current parents. Learn the culture of the team/club. A list or the lack of a list Is not enough and can be very misleading
A few examples. Of the 23 players rostered on our U18 girls “A” team, 20 committed to play college soccer. The three who did not had many opportunities to play, but chose different paths. One is going to K State to study veterinary science. K State does not offer women’s soccer. She had offers from multiple colleges(one a top 25 D2 program), but she choose a school based on what she wanted for a career.
Another player also had multiple offers, but decided to focus on academics and not play college soccer. The university she chose has a varsity soccer program and approached her, but she felt she could not maintain the grades she would need for graduate school admissions while playing.
The third that is not going to play was badly injured early in the season and decided to give up on soccer.
We had a player who was strongly recruited by major colleges, including two top 25 D1 programs. She elected to go to a fairly lowly ranked college in terms of women’s soccer known as the US Air Force Academy.
Most players ultimately select a college that is within a four to six hour drive of their home. A few elect to go farther away. Some seek schools with highly ranked academic programs or specific degrees. What matters is the opportunity a club soccer program can offer for a player to achieve what the player wants. Simply looking at how many go to a school and whether the school is ranked can be very misleading.
You can look at the alumni lists on the web pages of many clubs and get a decent idea of what opportunities the club made available. You should check further, however. A club/team environment can be influenced by the coach and even within clubs coaches vary. I am very familiar with one club that puts a premium on academic performance. They require players to maintain a 3.0 average, offer tutors, arrange mandatory “study halls” at night when traveling and excuse players from practice when they have a test the next day. I know of another club where a coach drinks with the parents in the hotel bar in the evening and the players are not supervised. Guess which club has a better record of players not only playing in college, but going to college period?
Also, look and see how many of the players listed make the team and are playing after their freshman year. Many players, for a variety of reasons, cease playing for the college they first attend.

#86623 - 05/29/12 04:31 PM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: southtown]
cp1310 Offline

Registered: 11/01/05
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I may be mistaken but the last top 25 ranking for DII does not include Rockhurst, and I agree with Tired, I have heard girls say soccer is for four years, my education is for the rest of my life.

#86624 - 05/29/12 04:39 PM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: cp1310]
Quiet Observer Offline

Registered: 09/18/11
Posts: 32
I believe that the Rockhurst comment was in regards to the Men and they were #6 on Dec 6th's poll in D2. The women at Rockhurst did have a good year, but were not ranked so you may be correct on that fact.

#86625 - 05/29/12 05:27 PM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: southtown]
pelecosmos1 Offline

Registered: 01/21/12
Posts: 1273
Quiet Observer.

Rockhurst and Northern Kentucky were both ranked in top 25 in December.

Northern Kentucky won NCAA D2 Championship Mens soccer in 2010.

Rockhurst plays in Great Lakes Valley conference which also includes Drury and William Jewell.

Drury defeated both Northern Kentucky and Rockhurst last season and was finalist in conference tournament.

Quincy beat Rockhurst in semi finals and beat Drury in finals of conference tournament.

William Jewell beat Drury last year.

Great Lakes is strong conference with some very good players and teams.

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#86635 - 05/30/12 12:16 AM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: Tired]
Jambalaya Offline

Registered: 10/01/05
Posts: 61
Loc: Kansas City
Originally Posted By: Tired
It is even more than making a highly ranked squad. What matters is the opportunity provided to the player, and that is going to be difficult to research.

Tired is right. You should be very suspicious of statistics and pay more attention to how the teams play and are coached. Both girls and boys often have the good judgment to pick a school based on their future career first and use soccer as a way of helping pay for that school choice. That often means the player decides NOT to play for the best soccer program that make a good offer, but chooses the best school that offers soccer money. It's all about having opportunities and choices and maximizing those. There are many who could play D1 or could play at higher ranked schools, but choose a school that provides a better education for their future career. Players should choose a school they would like even if soccer wasn't an option. That way, the student will be happy even if the soccer coach is a jerk or the student suffers a career ending injury. There is life after soccer . . .

#86645 - 05/30/12 08:30 AM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: Jambalaya]
SandMan Offline

Registered: 08/20/10
Posts: 37
Not a reply to anyone but I saw this and thought it was a nice article. Sorry if someone has already posted. (interview with KCFC Heat/ECNL player)


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#86650 - 05/30/12 09:15 AM Re: College bound Seniors....from what clubs? [Re: SandMan]
jjflash Offline

Registered: 03/10/09
Posts: 1241
I do know Fort Hays St. is getting a heck of a player in #10 Aiman for BV West.

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