Weekly Update 12/12/16

New Book4-3-3 v 4-2-3-1 Klopp v Mourinho is now available. Check it out here.

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Complete Training Session – This session focuses on your player's ability to finish from shots from distance.

Systems of Play – The 4-3-3 is an extremely popular formation and one of the best for pressing.

Weekly Video – Coaching Long/Medium Passing

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Soccer Conditioning – This practice is aimed at improving your player's ability to recover quicker between high intensity efforts as well as on maintaining possession.

Advanced Tactical Analysis – If the field is switched with pace, it will cause a problem for the defending team. This post focuses on preventing a direct switch of play.

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Animated Drill – This week's video shows a simple and effect way to train your players how to create and maintain a connected team shape. You can use the methods described here whether your team is playing small-sided or full sided games.

Small-Sided Games – The focus on this game is train your defenders to work together to deny penetration by the attacking team by moving up the field together when the ball is passed forward.

Teaching Technique – The exercises in this circuit training session were performed by the Dutch Women's National Team when they were in Atlanta. 

Podcast – I describe how I think we are stealing our player’s learning opportunities. This may be the most important topic for coaches and parents to discuss.

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ouesso says December 12, 2016

Tom with all your technical team there I want to say thank you for all podcasts,advices and others things like efforts ,books etc…you did this year to make me become efficient as a Coach. world class coaching is the best place a conscient Coach can increase successfully his knowledge.
it will be also good to organise some courses there USA or in Africa countries where we can able to participate and obtain certificates.( like in Nigeria where I reside).I lknow that your books and videos make us strong but having your certificate will make us represent you more.
once more thanks a lot Tom.

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