Weekly Update 4/10/17

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Which English Premier League Manager are you most like?

If you haven't taken our quiz yet, have some fun and see what EPL manager you are most like. Apparently I coach like Jurgen Klopp, which is okay by me as I'm a big Klopp fan. Take the quick quiz here.

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Complete Training Session – The session works on all aspects of good defenders with a focus on good marking, denying penetrating passes and winning the long ball.

Systems of Play – This article looks at how you can use a front three to dictate how your opponent defends.

Weekly Video - A look at Arsenal's tactics when attacking

Daily Drills - This week's daily drills have a focus on 1 v 1 activities that present different challenges.

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Soccer Conditioning – In this activity the players are placed in their functional areas and perform repetitive soccer specific and muscle tension movements.

Advanced Tactical Analysis – This article looks at what is called a ‘direct possession’ style which is not only exciting to watch can also be very effective.

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Animated Drill – This week's Animated Drills Video is a great environment for your players to work on their movement without the ball to create options for the player in possession.

Small-Sided Games – This game will encourage your players to force turnovers with connected pressing and then keep the ball and make quick decisions.

Teaching Technique – Here are a couple of classic playground games that allow players to manage and encourage a goalscoring attitude.

Podcast – I share a training session to improve your team's zonal defending organization and effectiveness.

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