Weekly Update 4/3/17

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Which English Premier League Manager are you most like?

If you haven't taken our quiz yet, have some fun and see what EPL manager you are most like. Apparently I coach like Jurgen Klopp, which is okay by me as I'm a big Klopp fan. Take the quick quiz here.

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Complete Training Session – If you do not have players who naturally see space, this session will help to train them how to see it better.

Weekly Video - Coaching Dribbling  - Part Two

Daily Drills - This week's daily drills share position specific possession activities.

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Soccer Conditioning – This practice is focused on improving explosiveness in sprinting and changing direction with the ball. It challenges players to run with the ball at maximal intensity and then be able to twist and turn before a finish.

​Soccer Goalkeeping – These drills allow you to work on making the second save which is an often under trained area that is an essential part of any game.

Advanced Tactical Analysis – One of the main FC Barcelona characteristics is patient build up from the back. This article presents one of the defending strategies used by Atletico Bilbao, which might help in stopping FC Barcelona from patient build up from the back

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Animated Drill – This week's Animated Drills Video looks at a foundational exercise to train your team to defend zonally.

Small-Sided Games – This game will train your players to make effective runs behind the defense from different angles and finish with one-time shots.

Teaching Technique – This is a great session to help with one of the biggest challenges many coaches face; taking their players from reacting to anticipating and moving off the ball.

Podcast – This week talk about diving in the professional game and how it affects youth soccer.

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