Weekly Update 5/1/17

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Which world class player are you?

We have another fun quiz for you. Find out what world class player you are and compare with your fellow coaches. Apparently I am the new Lionel Messi...can't be bad!  Take the quiz here.

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Complete Training Session – This training session takes the time to focus on the areas where turning the bounces from unlucky to lucky in a game can make all the difference.

Systems of Play – The 3-4-3 is still not as popular as the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3 mainly because not enough coaches know how to coach it.

Weekly Video - A look at the attacking tactics of Real Madrid

Daily Drills - This week's daily drills look at a progressive method for training passing and possession.

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Soccer Conditioning – This 1 v 1 activity will challenge your player's explosive power in a highly competitive environment.

Advanced Tactical Analysis – This article looks at how the movements of other players can help to create opportunities for the full backs to receive the ball.

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Animated Drill – This week's Animated Drills Video is a variation of a 4 v 2 Rondo that helps players understand the importance of keeping possessing until they can find a way to penetrate through one of two gates on the wings.

Small-Sided Games – This game will train your players when and how to play long aerial passes and develop the ability to bring them under control.

Teaching Technique – This session focuses on shooting, passing, and team dynamics on both offense and defense.

Podcast – In this episode I discuss when and how you should consider changing the formation that you're playing.

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