Weekly Update 5/8/17

Coming Soon for Elite Members

We have some great stuff coming in the next few weeks.  All these videos and books are included in the Elite Membership.  If you are not an Elite Member, you can purchase them individually.

  • Book - The tactic that helped Liverpool score 25% of their goals
  • Books - A complete club curriculum.  FIVE books that cover training sessions for all age groups and goalkeepers
  • Videos - A look at the tactics of Dortmund, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Manchester United and Napoli

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Elite Members

Complete Training Session – A team who can learn to relieve pressure by always playing into the open space to the open man will automatically become a better team. This session will help you do that.

Weekly Video - A look at the attacking tactics of Real Madrid

Daily Drills - This week's daily drills show a set of technical exercises from Liverpool's Youth Academy.

Pro Members

Soccer Conditioning – This small-sided game will improve your player's endurance while also providing the technical and tactical challenges of keeping possession.

Advanced Tactical Analysis – The role of the central midfielders as become very important for team who are choosing to build up from the back and play through the thirds. This article looks at the most effective use of these players.

Free Members

​Animated Drill – This week's Animated Drills Video shows a great way to organize an activity to work on receiving the ball out of the air while also challenging the players to run through the pattern. The video also shows some of the progressions you can use as well.

Small-Sided Games – It's important for players to learn when they can counter attack and when it is better to keep possession and build more slowly. This game will help train this understanding.

Teaching Technique – This session focuses on developing confidence with moves and 1 v 1 situations.

Podcast – In this episode features a discussion on how differentiated coaching can provide what each player needs in a team with a diverse level of talent.

Benefits of Memberships

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