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“We do not compete on price.  The quality of our products and
the superiority of our material and presentation is how we level the
playing field and get it to slope down to our end.”

Since 1998, WORLD CLASS COACHING has become a household name in the worldwide soccer coaching community. Our digital magazine is the publication of choice for soccer coaches in over 70 countries ranging from coaches of professional and national teams to coaches of young recreational teams.

WORLD CLASS COACHING has its own line of over 200 soccer coaching DVDs and books as well as the world’s largest online searchable database of soccer drills and exercises. Every year WORLD CLASS COACHING conducts an international coaching seminar that is attended by hundreds of coaches from across the country. In total, over 40,000 soccer coaches from all over the world, use WORLD CLASS COACHING to help with their training sessions and game day coaching.

WORLD CLASS COACHING has received many testimonials from prominent coaches and clubs as well as from our regular customers. Visit our web site for these testimonials and other information.

WORLD CLASS COACHING Founder and President, Mike SaifBio