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#65069 - 01/20/10 11:15 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: Skeech]
Kaka Offline

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Philosophy of life? When I looked at the forum the other day at lunch I thought he switched to writing fiction. A detective novel or something. I thought it was great until I realized it was a true crime drama.

#65085 - 01/21/10 10:24 AM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: Skeech]
AndyBarney Offline

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You are absolutely right, always!
Most people love people who are always right like you AB who insist on consistently making their point!

People who had their life act together to a greater degree than me, (or thought they did), used to make me uncomfortable.

Please understand that I don't know who you are so this by no means is a back handed reference to you.

Their advice used to make me feel resentful. As I matured I learned to study their methods, values & character and adopted the parts that I felt would help me become a better person. Any changes I now make have to result in a life "win" for all parties concerned.

Now, can we stop this thread and all of the others where Mr. Barney is the wisest human being on the face of the planet in kansas or missouri?

This thread will continue, (if only as a monologue), for as long as ego based adults continue to abuse children in the name of soccer. I'm sorry to disappoint you but that probably means as long as I'm still able to think and contribute.

Andy, you win. maybe not on the soccer field, but on your debate of life... You Win... OK? We don't need to hear your philosphy any more. If someone needs a shrink, there are books and good dr.'s in the neighborhood.

It's usually the ones who least want to listen who most need to listen. Once again I can't judge whether this applies to you but your attempt to censor me would seem to indicate that it might!

smile Andy

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#65095 - 01/21/10 12:23 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: AndyBarney]
Lord_of_the_Wing Offline

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Soccer & Life lessons, 100 percent correct.

Played football last night. Really enjoyed it.
Can't wait to go again.
Free style street soccer.
It's how we get through the day.
Don't care about who's good or bad.

Youth Leagues have been such a mess in practice & games.

Tried youth soccer.
I don't go anymore, I hate it.

We play street freestyle,
on the pavement usually, because they won't allow us on the turf.

You guys and your thoeries, the only thing we see is how ridiculous it is in "organized soccer".

Now we are all angry because we feel offended.

One day this guy walks off the turf and says to us ---
"you guys are the pinnacle of soccer training". I don't know what that means and I don't really care.

We wanted to play on the turf but we weren't allowed to.

Andy Barney, Yeah,read his book,then again I also read Pele's book as well ...... hey I gotta read something and it's better than math, but I have to read that too.

We don't think much of the youth leagues, I hope you guys all ejoy your trophies.

Now and then the coaches ask us to join their teams, why would we? All they think about is themselves, all they want is our money, then when I practice with them - can't do this - can't do that, then someone is out there writing down stuff on their clip boards, I don't like it, and what are they writing down.

One day I read this magazine and this guy says "winning demands change"

We play free style football. never really thought about winning.

I relate to Andy Barney because it's a style or a definition of how we play.

More than a few times some one tries to get us organized but No one will train us because they all want money, money for the field, money for insurance, money for equipment, money for the coach, money for volunteer gifts, money for this, money for that. We have moved on, and usually we have a big laugh. Except for a few times, the guys who can't afford shoes and stuff, we can usually find what we can at the second hand shop.

Sometimes I watch the leagues train.
They all look well dressed and professional except,
half the team sits on the bench, and the other half -well, all they do is wall passes. I don't think they'll ever grow up - they aren't allowed to do anything.

Re: Andy Barney, most of you guys seem to want to slag him. I think you guys are so smart, you should write your own book.

All I have is respect --- thanks for the book Andy, got it for free off the web site, learned more than a few things about football for free (didn't have to pay a coach with his insurance and a nice turf field and all that). Also watched some web site clips - how to perform moves, also for free.

If you all want to be as good as the Dutch youth or
Portugese or Croation or whatever -- you'd better makes a VERY big change in how we play & train.
Those countries mentioned have very small populations, they help their youth, all you other guys do is charge money.

Hey soccer goverment,
Money Money Money - I would say shame on you, but in reality I don't think you know any better, so look in the mirror and I will too.

Lord of the Wing

#65570 - 01/27/10 02:44 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: Lord_of_the_Wing]
AndyBarney Offline

Registered: 06/14/06
Posts: 1785
The Legends methods have been tested and proven by mentors and children who rebelled against the status quo. They bucked the societal emphasis on winning to pursue long-term character rewards as opposed to short-term, instant gratification. To prove that the Legends approach works the coaches, players and parents all had to agree to reject the symbolic rules of the traditional coaching culture in favor of novelty and creativity. This painstaking process spanned more than three decades. There is no philosophy better at developing children into brave, creative leaders for life and excellent soccer players.

Mihaly Csikszentmihaly states, “In cultures that are uniform and rigid, it takes a greater investment of attention to achieve new ways of thinking.” Our victory obsessed soccer culture demands the immediate statistical win. Most individuals are subconsciously conditioned to prioritize winning over development. This conditioning results in modes of coaching that use children as tools for adult gratification. Instead we should teach them to be creative in order to master the attitude needed to overcome fear of failure and maximizes self-concept and fulfillment. Currently the need to win is conditioned into children at an early age. By adulthood we have been bombarded with win/lose media rhetoric all our lives. Consequently the task of developing and supporting a teaching environment capable of changing this perspective is all the more challenging. Thankfully the U.S. has a very educated parent population. When challenged with good rationale parents can see the tremendous damage our warped youth sports culture will do to their children if they allow it. The Legends philosophy attracts intelligent parents. Because it is so focused on the healthy self-concept of each individual, Legends soccer is a unique and better developmental option for children.


#65574 - 01/27/10 03:10 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: AndyBarney]
Keep It Fun Offline

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Originally Posted By: AndyBarney
The Legends ..... who rebelled against the status quo.

Wow, I've got the title for your new book

Going Rogue
soccer style

You might get some accidental sales.
Just don't put your picture on the dust cover.

Now if you use it, I want royalties.

#65635 - 01/27/10 10:03 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: AndyBarney]
aclifton Offline

Registered: 05/30/08
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Loc: Kansas City
I think we've been down this road before. I must say though, there are a lot of positives going on in the Legends club currently. Despite the events from the north.

What are some positives for other clubs around town? Seems I never hear about them...

Originally Posted By: AndyBarney

Please explain what lesson or error you fixed. Maybe others can learn from your experience.

Perhaps the greatest and most beneficial change we made was determining that we would allocate more time and attention to recruiting the nicest, kindest, most caring and ethical coaching staff imaginable. That's isn't to say that we ever had bad coaches, however, the coaching staff we have today is of exceptional character. They are simply some of the most wonderful people one would ever wish to meet! We believe our coaches to be he most child centered, purist, committed and hardest working in KC.

Secondarily we have spent more time and attention on making sure that our coaches are totally familiar with the unique methods we use to make players confident risk takers and ultimately very talented leaders.

Thirdly we moved practice locations twice. First from I345 & Holmes to Kenneth, then from Kenneth to the JCC. We now have the most convenient central location for all areas of Johnson County with good bathrooms and local amenities for parents. It is only 20 minutes from Hwy 50 & I435 in Lee’s Summit.

We added a full-time club director (Kyle Hogge). Kyle has a 23 year background with the club. Kyle's job is to make sure that the kids and parents are receiving everything they expected when they joined the club (and more).

Just over one year ago, at great expense, we added our indoor training center at I35 & 87th St in Lenexa. It has some very unique developmental advantages including a practice field designed to optimize deceptive dribbling and shooting skills plus a “Wall Ball” court designed to train tremendous first time finishing ability. The facility is designed to develop the "Money Skills”. The ability to hold the ball until the right moment and hit the target whether a teammate or back of the net. It also has a team meeting room. We are in the process of expanding to double the practice field availability for the Winter 2010 season.

We also changed our focus from creating the great soccer player to combining that process with training players to be creative & brave leaders for life. As a consequence Legends players are now much more likely to develop leadership skills for life.

We have introduced a wonderful training concept called "The Power Hour". This is a fake and move training session to the pulsating beat of motivational music such as Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust".

We now produce weekly "Ignition" emails that motivate our players with a combination of motivational writing, pro highlight clips, clips of Legends players, Legends club news, articles of interest etc.

Our indoor facility has WiFi for the parents and a library of books on soccer and interesting developmental topics.

Our coaches are guaranteed new teams when theirs age out of the club because of new feeders systems.

These new feeder systems include:

1. The HappyFeet pre-school organization (1500 pre-schoolers and growing).

2. The new relationship with the Raytown Soccer Club.

3. Feeder programs with Jo Co P & R, Olathe P & R, Bonner Springs P & R. BVRC, JCC

What these programs give us is a multitude of incoming plaers allowing us to make each team under our umbrella more homogenous. This guarantees every player a more optimal developmental environment and makes coaching more effective. It also means we can look after our coaches when they need a new team.

We changed our philosophy to include all children who want to maximize their potential regardless of genetic imprint. Consequently we now offer the best quality of coaching to everyone who wants it.

We have a proven teaching philosophy guaranteed to maximize soccer ability and creative leadership character for life. Over the past three years we have backed this up with my book, "Training Soccer Legends", and two DVD's:

1) Legendary 1 v 1 Moves

2) Training Legendary 1 v 1 Moves.

Flexible practice options. All academy practices are open to team players who have conflicts.

The most user friendly and informative KC club web site.

Constant full-time coaching support from Directors - Andy Barney, Kevin Wardlaw, Scott Vermillion, Andrew Clifton & Kyle Hogge

This list is of the top of my head. I'm sure I'm missing one or two extra changes we have made.

smile Andy

#65642 - 01/27/10 10:19 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: Lord_of_the_Wing]
dean Offline

Registered: 01/24/10
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Loc: Kansas, USA
Lord of the Wing

Excellent poem. The problem with USA soccer is its archaic structure , its bloated beuracracy, and its politcal selections. Saw USA V Honduras the other nite. Dont know how big Honduras is but its certainly smaller than the USA. We cant get USA players to play. We copy the ENglish style because no one has skills. Cross the ball when there is a shooting opportunity and I get the ball and responsibility off my foot. Its an absolute travesty that we dont have the best teams in the world. That goes back to retread players, weak reserve teams, and no one with any ability to go for goal in the attacking third

#65650 - 01/27/10 10:31 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: aclifton]
freekick Offline

Registered: 04/02/08
Posts: 442
Andrew - That is a good question. I have asked Andy a couple of times to share his thoughts on what other clubs do well (i.e., what are their strengths). He has always refused to answer (ducking the subject??, but he says he never does that). I'm sure that any quality program would be benchmarking their performance with their competition and you (or at least Andy) should know the answer to your question. Andy says he doesn't want to share his opinion because he wouldn't want to give anyone questionable advise. But how can he know his program is "the best" if he doesn't know what is good/bad at other clubs? I really doubt that you "never hear" about KCFC, BVSC, etc..

Why don't other coaches respond in similar fashion to the Legends promotion on this forum? Personally I wish they would - then other forum visitors could form some opinions. If you only have one datapoint (the Legends), you really can't make a valid opinion of whether they are good or bad. But my guess is that other club leaders don't feel this forum is a proper channel to focus their efforts - understandably with the critiquing that the Legends get. Or they don't feel the need to promote but feel their results speak for themselves (walk the talk?).

You can get valid answers to your question by a) asking others in the soccer community, b) visiting other club websites (by the way, the Legends has a very good one), c) talk to their staff, they share their story just like you do.

#65652 - 01/27/10 10:37 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: freekick]
aclifton Offline

Registered: 05/30/08
Posts: 330
Loc: Kansas City
JC, sorry for posting so much. I know you told me not to... Don't punish my kids for it, I rooted for City today! smile

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#65653 - 01/27/10 10:37 PM Re: Soccer as a Vehicle for Learning Life Lessons [Re: aclifton]
aclifton Offline

Registered: 05/30/08
Posts: 330
Loc: Kansas City

I've always liked the quote "If you've got it, flaunt it."

Does that surprise you? smile


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