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#72302 - 09/04/10 02:58 PM Re: UEFA A License [Re: ironman]
johnmc04 Offline
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Originally Posted By: ironman
Originally Posted By: johnmc04
A sports science degree is useful,as is any degree, but not essential to help with your coaching.

In my neck of the woods there are TOO many people with sports science degrees and they are devalued a bit because of the lack of employment opportunities.

The science part of it sounds great as it can be applied in a number of roles within sport but the best way to become a good coach is by coaching,surprisingly enough.
Can i ask what degree you are going to do?

Thats very narrow minded and ignorant opinion.

The best coaches in many sports have sport sciences degrees or at least in depth sport science knowledge and they directly attribute the quality of the coaching they can provide to the knowledge they have.

Take Mourinho, his entire coaching blueprint is based purely on the ENTIRE final year of sport science degree combined with knowledge he obtained from learning from other coaches. Without that final year plan Mourinho would not be Mourinho.

As for your point about jobs then many coaches with sport science degrees do want to coach funny that don't you think?

I can understand your prejudice against coaches qualified with better methods than most can access. I dont mean knowledge either, I mean from contacts and doors opening up that would not be accessed by most.

I find having a sport science degree has directly impacted the quality of my coaching, it allows me to me win more often and better.

Pete,I dont know where you thought I was being anti sports science or anti degree because thats not what I intended it to sound like.

In my area there has been a massive surge in sports science degrees but not a surge in the job opportunities to match.

I'm not prejudiced and I'm not bitter against anybody with a degree,I've currently got 3 kids studying for various degrees so I would be a hypocrite for being that way.

I did say that I was not experienced enough to offer advice on what job martyn7 could do with a neuroscience degree but I thought that a scientist with a degree was useful in any capacity.

I was also careful to say he needed to get some coaching experience first although his degree could maybe open doors anyway so he could maybe start a little higher up the ladder than most.

I didnt mean to devalue any degrees at all and maybe I should have worded my response better.
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#88609 - 09/15/12 02:57 AM Re: UEFA A License [Re: Kiery]
Albinus C Offline

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can u provide me with more information on the UEFA A?
How many Days?
How Much?
want to do UEFA A licence.
Im from Asia.


#88611 - 09/15/12 11:35 AM Re: UEFA A License [Re: Albinus C]
Willy Offline
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What license do you currently hold?
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#88616 - 09/15/12 04:11 PM Re: UEFA A License [Re: Willy]
sportsline Offline

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Mourinho learnt to coach from his father,Bobby Robson and the other coaches he worked with not from his Sports Science Degree.
John you are correct in your assumptions.The degree would give underpinning knowledge but you learn to coach by doing it and watching great coaches and learning off them and also having 'natural coaching' ability.Some have it some don't even if they've been great players.Bobby Charlton,Colin Bell great players poor coaches -David Moyes very ordinary player excellent coach.

#88618 - 09/15/12 05:23 PM Re: UEFA A License [Re: sportsline]
coachkev Offline
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Then there is the famous player who because they were not blessed with natural talent worked all his playing life every day to get better and make the maximum use of what he had and then take on board the magical quailies of his manager and use them in his own coaching and managing career which saw him become the England International team manager.

That man was Kevin Keegan who started at Scunthorpe before becoming a star at Liverpool, Hamburg, Southampton and Newcastle United and England before becoming manager at Newcastle United introducing a brand of soccer that made him a legend at Newcastle and then eventually managing Fulham before taking over as England national manager.

It is true that the truly great players find it difficult to be a head coach.
Look at Pele and Maradona, although Cruyff was successful.
No, the usual 'great' coaches are players who were not household names as players but worked at the other 'skills' that eventually helped them to be successful as managers.

#88670 - 09/24/12 02:42 PM Re: UEFA A License [Re: coachkev]
SC09 Offline

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Interesting Topic on the debate of the usefulness of degrees in comparison to degrees.

I'm about to head out but I'm I will come back to this topic when I can.

One thing I'd like to say, I'm currently going into my last year of a BSc Sport Coaching degree and in my opinion its given me greater access to higher level learning in terms of forming a coaching philosophy and pedagogy, rather than just regurgitating other coaches I understand the science behind the methods.

As an example, I present this study, looking into ecological psychology, nonlinear pedagogy and a constraints led approach:


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